Thursday, April 4, 2013

 TIP #83
Turn a chore into an experience.

No matter how dirty or menial the task, invest yourself in 
the sensations; get in sync with its rhythms and repetitions.  

Relieve the task of expectations. Gently turn obligation to 
intention, and welcome it into your beautiful life.


Sara said...

That's a beautiful way to turn a task into something fun and enjoyable. Just do it and relish in the activity as opposed to thinking, "I hate this task" or "When will this be over."

I have some tasks needed to be done this weekend. I will try to take your words to heart as I clean. Maybe even dance the vacuum...but hopefully not get tangled in its chore.

Thanks for this Tip #83:~)

Jeffrey Willius said...

Thanks, Sara -- Now that you mention it, vacuuming sucks :-P Seriously, I love the image of you and the new dance craze, the vacuum. Enjoy!

Vishnu said...

Hi Jeff, yes, if we can turn the menial into meaningful, then we can do meaningful activities our whole life. No matter how big or small the project. Thanks for the reminder to be mindful for the most mundane activities in our life.

Jeffrey Willius said...

Hey Vishnu - Welcome back to One Man's Wonder. I really appreciate your visit and comment. It's true, appreciation of the many everyday wonders that season our lives is a lesson for life!

milla said...

I like your blog, I always try to make the misery to some projects where everything will be so much fun
Thank you
Greetings from Iceland

Jeffrey Willius said...

Hello, milla -- thanks for your comment and for your support. Yes, isn't it true how many things in life turn out to be pretty much what we expect them to be?
It's wonderful having another fan from Iceland! I hope you'll come back to One Man's WOnder now and again, and that you'll share the link with others.
Are you a blogger?

Robin Easton said...

I really like this one, as it is something I think about lately...a lot. When I am doing some task that I am either too tired to be doing or that I think I don't enjoy....let's say, washing dirty pots and pans, for instance....well, I now will look at my hands and arms moving and say, you could not have those hands and arms and be unable to do these dishes....and as harsh as that may seem it adds new meaning to the moment. I start to feel so blessed that I CAN wash my pots and pans. That I DO have hands to that can type and photograph and draw and drive, and more.It is important to remember these most basic graces. From this place I start to relax and enjoy the feel or warm water, the sound of water, the reward of clean dishes, and so on. Beautiful and useful post, my friend.

Robin Easton said...

Forgive typos, dear Jeffrey. Been working too long. It should read: "That I DO have hands SO that I can type...."

Jeffrey Willius said...

Thanks for your comment, Robin. I love the way you let your incredibly keen senses take you to a place -- both deep inside you and beyond the universe -- of gratitude. The older I get the more gratitude I too feel for those abilities I still have. Wouldn't you agree that's part of what it means to age gracefully?

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