Friday, April 6, 2012

TREES LIKE ME – It Grows Both Ways

How like me the trees!

In the most patient of gestures, limbs grasp for open space—up for sun, out for air, for life everywhere. Some innate wisdom—or is it sense of touch?—bids them bend, or branch.

What trees can't reach beyond they simply grow around, absorbing rock, wire or post, turning it from obstacle to part of them. Simply, inexorably, they embrace what is.

Their skin grows thick and rough and wrinkled. Cut that protective layer, though, and they bleed. For just underneath they're soft and tender. There veins flow, a constant heart pumping.

Simply, inexorably, they embrace what is.

When winter squeezes tight around them, most trees have learned not to fight it, but just be slow and quiet for a while—till life's more inviting. How like me…or at least the me I want to be. 

Now, in the autumn of my life, Nature's spring reminds me, yet again, what it is I most admire in trees: No matter how old, still they grow. Budding, blooming, unfurling fresh and green—there's always a part of them celebrating new life, fresh as sapling, full of promise.

Yes, trees know something about time, something I'd do well to learn. They balance that joy of renewal with a responsibility to eternity—a time to bud and to flower; a time to deepen one's roots; a time to go to seed.

Can two beings share so much and not share affection? Could trees not know I admire them so, when I stand with them, touch them, confide in them, give them my wonder?

No matter how old, 
still they grow.

Know, they must, for how generous they are in return! They let me lean on them in time of trouble, take heart in their strength, take wing on their soaring beauty. They give me their shelter and shade, their sage counsel, their worthy example.

How wise, how faithful, how generous, the trees. How well they know me, to give, always, exactly what I need. How they must, somehow, care.

How the trees like me!

"If I keep a green bough in my heart the singing bird will come."



Debi said...

Thanks for these beautiful words. I am utterly enamored with trees, admiring so much about them. Among them I find my soul is home.

Jeffrey Willius said...

Thanks so much Debi -- It's great to hear from you again! It may sound a bit strange to many folks, but do you sometimes sense trees' souls or spirits?

savvy said...

Your post reminds me of the movie Lord of the Rings (and the books). I loved the forest scenes, the talking trees, the elves who live in the forest :)

Anonymous said...

You can see me hugging trees on my daily walks:)!! They give so much to us!! We are so blessed to have precious trees on our planet earth:)!!

Jeffrey Willius said...

Hi there, Savvy -- I never got much into the Lord of the Rings phenomenon, but what you say makes me want to.
How are the trees in Kenya? I know you have the beautiful acacia, most of which seem to appear in photos as lone sentinels on the plain, but are there thick forests as well?

Jeffrey Willius said...

Hi Daisy -- You're a brave woman if you let people see you hugging trees! I've done so too, but must admit I prefer to do it when I'm sure we're alone! ;-)
Trees are indeed a blessing -- one of the many wonders we find it so easy to take for granted.

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