Tuesday, May 16, 2017


See the new series about my Peruvian Amazon River adventures at my travel blog, El Viajero Contento.


jean said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the trip, Jeff, and I have absolutely NO DOUBT that you WERE a Mexican fisherman in another life! )

Jeffrey Willius said...

Thanks, Jean. Are you a river person like me? Have you been on the Amazon or any of the world's other great rivers?

jean said...

I love rivers, Jeffery, but have not been on any big ones except the Patomac on the east coast. I think that is why I enjoy your posts so much----I will probably not get to the Amazon but seeing your photos is a little like seeing it :)I did get to see a lot of beautiful rivers when I went to Europe many years ago and that was wonderful! I love our little Rivanna in Charlottesville, because that is where Dad and I used to fish. In fact, Dad and I fished in many rivers around central VA when he was young and able to handle his boat.

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