Wednesday, March 8, 2017

More Maravillas Pequeñas – Small Wonders, Mexican Style

Zihuatanejo is a unique and wonderful place. There's the stunning beauty of La Costa Grande, with her privileged position at the shoulder of La Sierra Madre del Sur—her Pacific vistas from cerro-perched villas; her deliciously-long, sweeping beaches; her astounding flora and fauna.

And the beauty of the people who live here—their unfailing kindness, hard work, devotion to family, and that indomitable lightness of spirit I've found so characteristic of this country. This despite having to somehow scrape out a year's living from a four-month tourist season.

Both the people and the place are rendered in rich, deeply-saturated colors—the likes of which only the very generous-of-spirit can find in a pale-skin, grayscale Minnesota winter.

As an appreciation of this beauty of person and place, this color, this wonder, here are a few more of my attempts to capture it in pixels:


DJS said...

I've never been - but the name always brings Shawshank Redemption to mind! If one wanted to visit in a not so hot time, when would you suggest? Are there nice B&B like options for lodging?

Jeffrey Willius said...

Thanks for the comment, DJS! Yes, even though the brief footage shown in Shawshank was not shot here, it has intrigued a few folks. A few businesses in town mention in their signage.
Best bet for a cool(er) stay would be during rainy season, which I think is June-Sept. Lots of small, boutique lodgings here & probably some B&Bs.

sue in mexico mo said...

Thank you for the beautiful writing and photographs of my favorite place in Mexico!

Jeffrey Willius said...

Hola Sue -- Haven't heard from you in a while. I should have known you'd respond to a post about Zihuatanejo. Have you been down here recently?

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