Friday, March 31, 2017

MARAVILLAS PEQUENAS 9 – Small Wonders, Mexican Style

One too many mescals for Raggedy Andy.

Blue agave leaves. An impression.

Don't piss here, you bastards!

An artisan beads a fine Huichol mask.

He couldn't be...not in the bucket!

The heroic pescador by the fish market

A man whose story I'd like to hear – Petatlán

Padre Jesús de Petatlán

Croton – Codiaeum variegatum

Santuario Nacional del Santo Señor de Petatlán

Roseate spoonbills nesting at Playa Linda

Behind bars – Building the new Kau Kan Kondos

Wood storks at Playa Linda


jean said...

Your photos are so beautiful and unique, Jeff. Something colorful everywhere you look, apparently!

Jeffrey Willius said...

Thanks, Jean. Yes, though I keep thinking I've probably shot everything photo-worthy along our usual hikes in Zihuatanejo, new subjects just keep appearing. Not that hard with all that color, all those unusual textures & shapes, all those exotic critters! Hope spring is off to a beautiful, wonder-filled start for you.

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