Wednesday, March 22, 2017

LAS PUERTAS DEL PUERTO – The Doors of Zihuatanejo

It's one thing to just wander around this picturesque town and see what catches my eye—people, plants, critters, art and architecture... Sometimes it's a whole thing; or it may be just an interesting detail or pattern. Often, I'll just sit and watch...and wait.

It's another thing to have a mission. Last year, I did a montage on the amazing variety of stone walls. This year, it's been doors.

I must say I've been surprised by the variety. Different styles, some dictated by the materials readily available here on the Costa Grande of Guerrero; others sparing no expense to import materials and craftsmanship. Different purposes, some merely utilitarian; others designed to make a statement—come in...stay can't afford a week here. Each a unique artistic statement.


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