Thursday, March 31, 2016

HASTA PRONTO – A Farewell to Paradise

As we bid a wistful farewell to magical Zihuatanejo for another year, I share the fifth and final round of my Tequila Shots -- visual sips of this place I find so delicious and intoxicating.

These images pick up on the theme of my previous post, Up Close and Far Away, which invites amateur photographers—in fact, anyone who wants to see the world and life in more nourishing ways—to always be aware of both the exquisite detail and the broader context of virtually everything we experience.


jean said...

These are beautiful! Thank you for sharing! I have been looking at the spring flowers around here as if I had never seen them before, taking time to really take in what miracles they each are! And then I thank them and God for their beauty! :)

Jeffrey Willius said...

Thanks, Jean. You are lucky! We in E. central Minnesota will have to a bit longer for our flowers to pop -- except for the crocus and Siberian squill.

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