Thursday, March 26, 2015

COSAS PRECIOSAS – Images of Zihuatanejo

As our month here in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico draws to an end, we're full of mixed feelings. (I've shared some of them verbally in my previous post, The Price of Paradise.)

We'll miss the nearly overwhelming beauty of this place. Like the view from our villa out over Zihuatanejo Bay and a swath of the vast Pacific. We're a couple of blocks away from the beach, so, unlike the view from an oceanfront hi-rise, we see and hear and smell life going on in the foreground.

Still, those vistas, and those of the Sierra Madre del Sur behind us, are pretty much the long view. Those of you who know me—perhaps through my postings here at One Man's Wonder—know I tend to shy away from the long view.

I like to look for the little things: a detail of something bigger; the one member of the flock or school or swarm that's behaving differently; the shadow of something instead of the thing; something poignant or ironic; colors, shapes and patterns.

So here, in pictures, are a few such impressions of this year's stay in Zihuatanejo.

La Casa Anaranjada - The view at sunrise from Villas San Sebastian

Very Varied Berries - Fruit of an unknown shrub in La Ropa
Hot Tuna - A blushing, blooming nopal, Playa Madera
Stuck On You - "Gum tree" on the canal walk, near Plaza Kyoto
Blaze of Glory - Heliconia Psitacorum in La Noria
Foothold - Rhoeo (Tradescantia Spathacea), on cement wall, La Ropa
Dearly Departed - A poignant remembrance on Paseo del Pescador, Playa Madera

"We Liven Up Your Events"- Sign spotted atop a building in El Centro
Two Ways To Climb - Stairs with ficus just off of Playa Madera
Iguana Hold Your Hand - A resplendent five-foot-plus specimen seen in El Manglar
Old Man & the Sea - Jeff fulfills his dream of launching his own boat in Zihua

Abracadabra - A washed-up magic wand, Playa La Ropa
Yellow Streak - A rare rain brings out the colors of rocks along the Paseo in La Madera
Mutt & La Jefe - A black-and-white pup and her bodyguard along Rio Lerma canal

Anna By Heart - Grandkids sharing the fun at Paty's Marimar on La Ropa
Optimism - Typical Mexican construction, leaving re-bar for future new floors
See, Like This - Skipping stones in the canal outlet at Playa Principal
Los Colores - A lively mural brightens an alley at the south end of Playa La Ropa.
Banana Split - A banana tree stump, reminiscent of African Samburu & Sankara necklaces
Chickens Panicking...Too Late - Fresh pollo in a market on Av. Benito Juarez
What a Croc! - One of the three resident cocodrilos in El Manglar
Why, You Yellow-Bellied... - Great Kiskadee, also spotted in El Manglar

Study In Green - Limonada, the essence of refreshment, Zihuatanejo style
♫Hey-y-y, Macarela - Small fish, big thrill for rookie fisher Julie (w/Capt. Bernie)

Sombra Picada - A breezy afternoon on Pedro Acencio

Tequila Sunset - Adios to this incredible place till el sol comes 'round a few more times


ZihuaRob said...

It is an optical orgasm to behold your unique view of this place where I've found love and magic since 1974. Thank you for sharing and for being an amigo.

Unknown said...

Your photos are beautiful and unique. Your love of Zihua shines in these captured moments. Gracias.

Carol Marchant said...

You and your photos are a 1st class act. Thanks for sharing.

Sidney/frostbite said...

Wow! Like Rob said: "Optical Orgasm". Thanks!

jean said...

Yes, what Rob said! Such a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing it with me!

Jeffrey Willius said...

Wow, Rob! That's quite the complement. Glad I could do that for you ;-)

Jeffrey Willius said...

Many thanks for the comment, Balla!

Jeffrey Willius said...

Hi Carol -- A great compliment, coming from you, mi amiga, with your good eye for the beauty of this place. Vuen viaje a Patzcuaro y gracias por las fotos suyas.

Jeffrey Willius said...

Thanks for the praise, Sidney!

Jeffrey Willius said...

Thanks, Jean. Appreciate your dropping by One Man's Wonder -- and for the encouraging words.

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