Monday, March 30, 2015


A few more fleeting impressions as we walked around lovely Zihuatanejo today.

Frangipani flowers. Could these be any more delicious?

Hack & Snack - Coconut Vendor in El Centro

Ceiba (kapoc) tree with mega-thorns

Striking mural just off of Jose Morelos

...and leave the kniving to us!

No, really, Sweetheart, it was her hair!

Hangin' happy

Star Fruit - Andador 3


jean said...

Thank you for the beautiful photos and for the laugh!

four friends and their friends said...

J - love those murals. J

Jeffrey Willius said...

Oh, Jean, please don't tell me it was the shot of me that made you laugh! Seriously, glad you liked my pix.

Jeffrey Willius said...

Jennifer -- Yes, as you well know, the most interesting, sometimes spectacular, murals show up all over the place in MX. Thanks for the ocmment!

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