Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A BLUE SO TRUE – The Awakening of Wonder

It's my favorite season of the year...or at least it should be. Spring here in Minnesota is unusually slow to awaken this year. Parts of the state are still adding to the several feet of April snow they've already gotten, and even here in the Twin Cities piles of snow still flank driveways and parking lots.

But there are signs of hope. Among the most welcome harbingers of spring are those first brave little bulb flowers that dare poke their heads out of the barely thawed ground: crocus, in all its fresh sherbet colors; fragrant hyacinth; and my favorite, the plucky, exuberantly-blue scilla, or Siberian squill.

          Still more wonders lie in store, both in 
          the earth and in the human psyche.

This spring, more than most, the squill gives me hope. Hope that, after this insufferable winter, after a few personal challenges that I've allowed to send my spirit into hibernation, still more wonders lie in store, both in the earth and in the human psyche, awaiting nothing more than a few more rays of sun, a slight shift
in the jet stream...and our loving attention.


jean said...

Our spring seemed to burst forth here all at once, as if it could not wait to get here! One day we had bare branches with little buds that we hoped were not too frost bitten to open, and the next-----Explosion of Weeping Cherry, Flowering Crabapple, crocus, daffodils and Bradford Pears. And then another cool spell kept the Dogwoods and Redbuds beautiful a lot longer that if we had had a warmer spring. I have taken many walks for eyes and nose! I love your squill. Jeffrey!

Jeffrey Willius said...

Thanks for the comment -- and the encouragement, Jean! I know that will happen here too one of these days. Then all the pent-up love of Nature will burst out into yards, parks and streets. This year I think there might be spontaneous parties and parades and perhaps a few parka burning demonstrations!
Jean, did I ask if you're a blogger? Where/how can one connect with you other than via your comments here?

jean said...

Hey Jeffrey, I am on FB----I think we are friends! If not, friend me and I will give you my email :) I am not a blogger but I hang out with lots of them, mostly with Joy C. Holland and the folks involved with healing, nature, art, poetry and things of that nature----spirituality, also! I also have very few tech skills, so blogging would be way too challenging :) But I do read and comment. I enjoy your blog a lot! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeffrey... i was just wondering if you are doing all of the photography on your blogsite? Love the freshness in your springy display of nature.

Jeffrey Willius said...

Thanks, Bern -- I do quite a bit of my own photography. For the rest, I rely on rights-released resources like MorgueFile, Wikimedia Commons and a couple of others. Some of the latter ask for a photographer credit, and when that info is available, I give it.
Even with all that help, I can't hold a candle to your sensitive eye, my friend!

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