Monday, January 20, 2014


 TIP #51
Smell your dog.

You know how dogs smell us with their whole being? Though we can only hope to smell a thousandth as well, we can return the favor. 

Have you noticed that some dogs have a particular warm, nutty smell when they've been sleeping? 
It comes from their feet. (Some people call this Frito feet.) Ears and other parts have different smells. Each is unique to your pet.

Let smells be part of your bond with your dog.

"If only you knew how much I smell you."
Book title, ROY BLOUNT JR.


Anonymous said...

Then there is using smell to diagnose illness...... As if an area in the body is backed up like a ces pool and where components in the tissues begin to decompose. Smelling is an amazing tool for all of us to develop and expand upon. We can even begin to project smells out into the world, where we can get an echo response to what we would desire to sniff.

Jeffrey Willius said...

Bern - Indeed, smell is an amazing sense. I don't suppose we'll ever come close to the nose dogs have, but we can sure try!
Not sure I understand your last comment about projecting smells - can you elaborate?

Anonymous said...

Like wish fulfillment or visioning or praying. One often projects what they desire into the world, but usually with the sixth sense of sight. However, this can be done with any sense. Imagine smelling an apple pie and that it is just around the corner from you. Be there with it. The world then arranges its self to deliver that smell to you in person. So who is to say that a dog is only sniffing out that which it has requested through its imagination into being.

Jeffrey Willius said...

Thanks Bern. What fascinates me about sensing is that two people with exactly the same senses and brains can be exposed to exactly the same stimuli, and one person's senses will be alive with the experience while the other might miss all of it. The difference: presence -- or some might say intention.
I'm guessing lots of us have smelled sleeping dogs but just never opened ourselves to the experience. Sensing is, for me, at least partly from the soul.

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