Friday, November 15, 2013

Chew your food longer.

There’s this amazing little place where even the simplest of dishes 
is explored, savored as if it were the last meal of your life.

It’s a place where eating’s not rushed, never a chore. So bring 

all your senses and appreciate the glorious gift of food.


Vishnu said...

Where is this place :) ??

Cows, goats and many animals (at least the vegetarian ones) seem to really value and appreciate their food. And eat it with much patience.

A good reminder to be more mindful and appreciative before this big eating holiday:)

Jeffrey Willius said...

Vishnu: The place could be an expensive gourmet restaurant where you invest so much into your experience of the food that you wouldn't think of rushing it. It could be the cozy little neighborhood cafe where everyone knows you and you can sit as long as you like over conversation and good, simple food. Maybe it's your own kitchen or dining room at home. But, most of all, it's a place in your mind -- a place of awareness, patience and joy!

Carol O'Casey said...

Jeffrey--thanks for reminding us that what we find so ordinary can really be extra-ordinary--when we pay attention :)

richmiraclefiles said...

Hi Jeffrey
I agree with what Carol O'Casey said.Things do look extraoridnarily pretty when we pay closer attention.
That picture is worth a million words really.
Thanks a ton for brightening our moments

Jeffrey Willius said...

Thanks for the nice comments, Carol and Mona! I'm glad you enjoy my posts.

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