Wednesday, May 29, 2013


TIP #4 
Look under things.

There's a whole world of critters that live under things—
leaves and rocks and logs.

There they tunnel and nest, beyond the reach of all but the
craftiest foe—and most curious friend. 

Whichever you are, you must be quick.


Anonymous said...

Humanity often has the habit of looking over things as if nature is beneath them. But when we begin to look beneath the surface... when we look to the left and look to the right... when we can walk backwards as well as forwards... when we can take an elevator up as well as down... when we can create as well as destroy... one then learns to see through everything as if it is transparent... as if the wonder sparkles within and around everything.

Its as if people begin to piece the world together by collecting what they can accept. And as they gain momentum, they exponentially go in all directions in search of nature to love. The more they love , the more time slows down because they are searching less and less for things to embrace. Suddenly, everything on the mind is loved and has been re-membered. The mind then vanishes because it too is reabsorbed. Everything suddenly is acceptable and the fabric of time and space collapses into a jewel of pure excitement.

Jeffrey Willius said...

Bern'e - I love how you keep coming back to the notion that, as we engage the spirit, so we transcend the mind. Or maybe not transcended as much as becoming, as you note for other things, transparent.
At any rate, I appreciate you, my wise, witty friend!

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