Thursday, May 9, 2013


The bold strokes of their branches already applied, trees welcome 
the pointillist's dappling, for now but a thin veil of vibrant color.

This barely-unfurling, still-becoming green is tender, innocent, 
as yet unspoiled by the unseemly dust and grime of urban summer. 

And oh, for just this moment, how it glows against still-gray bark 
and branch of other, envious trees!


Laurie Buchanan said...

WONDERFUL — a was a great way to start the day!

Jeffrey Willius said...

Thanks, Laurie -- Isn't spring grand? BTW, I like your current post on Speaking from the Heart about how being shot (photos) changes people - nice!

Sara said...

This is a great picture post and your words are so true. I liked the part about the envious bare trees. It is so true the "greens" of spring are amazing. They take up almost every color on the color wheel for green:~)

Jeffrey Willius said...

Yes, Sara, amazing greens. One great example is budding willow trees. At least the kind we have here in MN are a wonderful chartreuse. Saw one last spring sunlit against a dark, threatening sky -- stunning! Keep those sharp eyes open...

TALON said...

That glorious chartreuse is always so welcome and so inspiring...seeing the greening after the long winter is such a feast for the eyes (and the soul).

Jeffrey Willius said...

Hey TALON/ktn -- So nice of you to drop in! Do I gather you're a fellow northerner who endures five or six mos a year without much color?
Thanks for commenting, my new friend! Keep up the good work yourself.

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