Saturday, March 30, 2013

CROCUS POCUS – A Magical Message of Spring

In the fall of my sophomore year in college, my roommate and fraternity brother, Kim, planted crocuses around the big elm in the Chi Psi lodge's front yard. I was either too self-involved or too impatient to fully grasp the significance of that act…until spring, that is.

After that long, gray New England winter and two trimesters with my spirit confined within classrooms, books and my own head, those brave little purple, white and yellow flowers did more than brighten my spirits; they taught me something I'd always remember about my sense of wonder.

That was all about being in the here & now. What 
I had yet to learn was about the there & then.

Those crocuses were far from my only connection with Nature; I'd grown up, like most kids those days, with the great blessing of having nowhere to go but outdoors, little to do but play. Once I was in school, I was as likely to be listening to a bird, an insect, or the wind just outside the classroom window as I was the teacher.

But that was all about being in the here and now. What I had yet to learn was about the there and then, about the small investments wonder so often requires of us.

Nature would take each of those tiny 
bulbs and turn it into a miracle.

In Kim's case it was, most obviously, his investment of intention—I want to start something, grow something—followed, certainly, by patience. But it was also a venture of hope and faith. He knew—he believed—that, from that humble gesture of kneeling, digging and setting in those tiny bulbs, Nature would take each of them and turn it into a miracle.

I'll always be grateful to Kim for planting those bulbs…and for planting in me those seeds of understanding that wonder is not always impetuous. For that is the soul of spring: faith, rewarded; beauty, bestowed; life, proclaimed.



Anonymous said...

There and Then is like a bulb waiting patiently for the tenderness of the light of day to coax it into sprouting into the Here and Now.

There and Then Needs a Good Re-View (A way or point of view that shines enough Light to match and return to this Moment to begin Germination.) by the critic that stands in the way of sprouting into the Here and Now. The Critic is like that aspect of our selves that is a Patient in need of developing patience.

Happy Ost-er East-er: Where one has the faith and knowing that the sun shall rise again.

JHM said...

In celebration of spring, we went to the mountains in Almaty - at the top was beautiful white snow, but as we were descending, along the roadside randomnly sprouting were some tiny beautiful yellow flowers (Coltsfoot per Wiki).
Now as I sit in my lovely sunny flat looking out onto ice covered ground, I have my photos of the flowers to remind me that spring is somewhere and with patience it will arrive in Kokshetau too.
Loved your piece.

Jeffrey Willius said...

Hi Bern -- So nicely put. Thanks, as always, for your thoughtful -- dare I say poetic -- comment!

Jeffrey Willius said...

Hey JHM -- So nice to hear from you, especially with that nice reflection on your spring expectations. It's been a lo-o-ong winter here too. BTW,have you moved from Az. to Kaz?

Vishnu said...

No wonder we all look forward to spring. We plant something today and then it blooms during this most beautiful time of the year.

the growth of the crocus is a good reminder for everything else in our lives - patience, presence, hope & faith. Indeed, lessons of a lifetime.

Jeffrey Willius said...

Many thanks for the comment, Vishnu. Thinking of your wonderful blog post about the Dalai Lama's tips for happiness, don't you think he'd approve of the lessons the crocus can teach us? Be well, my friend...

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