Tuesday, March 12, 2013

CONSUMING INTEREST – Life & Death On Our Ceiling

Life and death play out on the gold adobe walls and white ceiling of our little villa tonight. A black and russet butterfly flutters into our open living room, alights and brings together its wings, as if closing the book on its tenuous day.

Does it seem safe in here? Refuge, perhaps, from winged hunters armed with echolocation? Could that be why it doesn't simply fly away as gecko creeps closer and closer, face to face? Do those outsized eyes mesmerize?

When butterfly moves, just slightly, it triggers a spring in gecko's legs, and in a split second it's done...but for the brief struggle...but for the arduous swallowing.



Laurie Buchanan said...

The circle of life in three photos - wow!

Jeffrey Willius said...

Yes, Laurie, it was pretty dramatic. We debated helping the poor butterfly, but decided, as hard as it was to watch, that geckos have to eat too.
Thanks for the comment.

Susan Blake said...

It's hard to see that - the whole food chain thing. And yet it's about life, not death. You must be a fast draw with a camera!

Jeffrey Willius said...

Hey SuZen -- Hadn't thought about it quite that way. Still hard to get past the butterfly's point of view. Do you think it may have, at some level, been willing to give its life for that of the gecko?

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