Monday, November 19, 2012

WONDERS GREAT AND SMALL – A Thanksgiving Blessing

Here's a Thanksgiving blessing I'd like to share. I happen to pray to God, but if your reverence for the incredible is directed to a force of a different name, feel free to plug it in as you like.

 Oh God, you appear to all of us in different ways. Ways so vast and powerful that we cannot grasp them, so minute that we fail to notice them. Lord, hear our thoughts and prayers of thanksgiving and help each of us be more fully aware of your blessings large and small:

Thank you for the vast expanse, the limitless wonder, of your creation,
And for the cold, wet, honeycomb pattern of the skin on a dog’s nose.

Thank you for Nature’s great ebbs and flows—her awesome power;
her transcendent beauty; her inexorable rhythms,
And for our lover’s heartbeat.

Thank you for the fascinating family of man—in all its colors, shades and textures—and the values and aspirations we share.
Thank you too for our family—those sitting at this table and those present in our hearts.

Thank you for the good, the pure, the true that resides at the core
of every human being,
And the chance to share a smile and a kind word with a stranger.

Thank you for your infinite bounty—the abundance with which you
nourish us in body, mind and spirit.
And thank you for this glorious meal we’re about to share.

Thank you for your promise of eternity,
And for this moment—this one...precious...moment of life.



Anonymous said...

You know how people say that a dog is a mans best friend. Its code... because god or source is usually seen in the mirror or between the lines or just beneath the surface. The world is often backwards or anti something. Well dog backwards is god.... mans best friend is in disguise and yet is in plain site with no need or desire to hide. We as humans just like to play fetch with ourselves.

Jeffrey Willius said...

I agree, Bernie -- so much of life's wonder seems to occur in the spaces, the pauses, between the obvious. Or, as you suggest, in the reflections. Sometimes we're the reflection we see; sometimes we're the mirror.

Anonymous said...

I like that Jeffrey... a mirror tries to get our attention to something we may be vain or unconscious about. A reflection then is a conscious awareness that one is seeing themselves in everything... and even expanding into a greater sense of Self from such an embraceable encounter. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Here we go:

A mirror turns into a reflection when vanity is exposed or when an illusion is shattered.

Jeffrey Willius said...

My dear friend, Robin Easton, whose comment on this post my site has unconscionably refused to take, has asked me to intervene. Sorry, Robin -- here's your comment:
"It was a beautiful post. So much richness in your blog and YOU!!!
Have a beautiful Thanksgiving Day with your family.
And thank you for ALL that you have given to me and of course others.
You are a treasure.

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