Thursday, November 15, 2012


 TIP #50
Ghostly Geese

These late fall nights, keep your ears open for what may sound like a crowd of people chattering in the distance. If you look up, you might see the hundred-strong "V" of migrating geese, two thousand feet up, dimly lit against the blackness by ambient earthlight.


Anonymous said...

When I sleep under the stars, I actually look for satellites... especially within the first few hours after dusk when the light of the sun is still reflecting off of their hulls or their solar panels from an obscure angle. I may see up to 30 objects criss crossing the skies. Sometimes they even merge with each other. Some are super bright and others are ever so faint. Some must even rotate, because now you see them, and then you don't. But then you see them again. It is quite the fun game to play.

Jeffrey Willius said...

Love it, Bernie! But i think if i did that, I'd never be able to go to sleep!!

Anonymous said...

I just came from outside where its snowing here in the North Cascade Mountains. Tip number 50.5: Target a snowflake high in the air and follow it carefully down to the earth with your mouth open to gobble it up.

Jeffrey Willius said...

Hey Bernie -- I think I'll use that "tip" in the next edition of my collection. I have a couple of others like that which suggest picking an individual out of a group (school of fish, flock of birds, etc.) and seeing "how much closer to the edge life is for the one than the whole."

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