Tuesday, May 29, 2012

HOW TO BE IN THE MOMENT – 101 Little Tips

 TIP #88
Touch more.

You can see, hear, smell or taste more or less anonymously. 
But when you touch something, it automatically touches you.

Explore this, the reciprocal sense; share it with earth, water and air, 
as well as living things. Touch…and be touched.


Emily Brisse said...

So true!

Jeffrey Willius said...

Hey, Emily and Kerri -- Glad you liked this tip. Thanks so much for letting me know you were here!

Galen Pearl said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Now following yours. Hope you will follow back. Loved your post about the mayflies. I look forward to reading more.

Jeffrey Willius said...

Thanks, Galen -- I appreciate your kind words! Thanks for following, and, yes, I'm following you too at 10 Steps. Great to be in touch!

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