Thursday, March 1, 2012

IMPRESIONES III – Zihuatanejo Snaps

Breakfast in Zihuatanejo; supper in Minneapolis. It's quite a jump in so many ways. The snow; the cold, dry air; people, the edge of whose joy has been dulled by three and a half months of winter. The view as we stepped out of the airport was like someone had just pulled away your spicy chilis rellenos and replaced the colorful plate with a bowl of cold oatmeal. Ugh! Yaw-w-n…

Oh well, we can still dream in color. Here are some more images of that beautiful pueblo we now like to call our second home. This collection is what you might call place shots, details and vistas that point to a specific locale in or around Zihua.

For those of you familiar with Zihuatanejo, do these places look familiar?


Wayne said...

Last winter we stayed just steps down the hill from the fuente de los delfines. Don't think I've ever seen water in it. Our infrequent 7 day trips to ZIH are way too short so I always spend the last 24hrs in absorption mode. This year I have to settle for oatmeal. The photos help bring it all back.
-Wayne, Minneapolis

Jeffrey Willius said...

Hi Wayne - Thanks so much for dropping by my site!
Sounds like you appreciate Zihua as much as we do. I hope you'll be able to go back before too long.
In the mean time, I'm so glad my photos help keep you in touch.
Please, if you like what you see on OMW, I hope you'll follow and/or share the link with like-minded friends.

sue in mexico mo said...

I know the feeling. . . I only had one week in Zihuatanejo, (actually stayed in Ixtapa this year), and returned to dreary winter in Missouri. Maybe the next time we are both in Z at the same time we can meet. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos.

Jeffrey Willius said...

Hola Sue - I'm glad you got to have a getaway, even if it was to Ixtapa ;-) I'd love to get together some time when our stays overlap.
Thanks for dropping by OMW!

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