Wednesday, February 29, 2012

IMPRESIONES II – Zihuatanejo Snaps

On our last day here in beautiful Zihuatanejo each year, I always try to open up the pores of my awareness and let all the sensations soak into me one last time. After all, those memories will have to last me through the rest of this cold, gray winter (in fact, a winter storm's hitting home right now!) and much of next before we can come back.

Here are a few more of my impresiones of this amazing, wonderful place.


Buenas tardes. Buenas noches. Hasta pronto, Zihuatanejo...


Davidlind said...

I enjoyed these photos. Especially the one of mother and child. We are having rainy weather here in Virginia but it's very pleasant temperature wise. And spring will be here soon. So all is well.

Jeffrey Willius said...

Hi David - Thanks for dropping in here at my site. While I'm not sure my photos are in the same league with your fine ones, I'm glad you enjoy them.
I always start feeling upbeat about spring just after Dec. 21. At least light-wise, it's all downhill from there.

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