Friday, February 10, 2012

HOMAGE TO THE SEA – Zihuatanejo Snaps

 A few quintillion grains of sand; five waves a minute for eons.

Inevitably the masterpiece emerges, an homage to the sea 

by all the land creatures.

Reaching down, muzzle and hoof and beak, they bow 

to touch the sculptor's quicksilver hand.


Mary Beth said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing...

Jeffrey Willius said...

Many thanks, Mary Beth! I think this is your first comment here -- welcome! I hope you'll come back, and, when you see something you especially like, please share it! Have a wonder-ful weekend...

Anonymous said...

Quintillion!!! WOW- That is a number I have not heard of- Love the shape of the sand- Nice poetry

Jeffrey Willius said...

Hi Anonymous -- Thanks for visiting, and for your comment. I really appreciate it!
Quintillion is a word I've probably not used more than twice in my life. It's ten to the 18th power.

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