Tuesday, October 11, 2011


TIP #50 
Take a gander at ghostly geese.

Some late-fall night when you’re outside, keep your ears open for what may sound like a crowd of people jabbering in the distance.

Look up and find the stringy "V" of geese slicing south two thousand feet up, dimly lit against the black by ambient earthlight.


Robin Easton said...

This is AMAAAAAZING!!! Just amazing! WOW. You see SO much. Thank you for sharing this. I found it very moving. I think because it again makes me feel how MUCH is going on in the world around us that many of us don't see. Thank you dear friend for SEEING!!! And sharing. :)

Jeffrey Willius said...

Hi Robin -- Have you experienced this? It may be most common to those of us living up here in the northland, but I think at least one of the central migration flyways goes over New Mexico. Keep your ears open! (Maybe you saw this when you lived in Maine?)

Grace said...

Ready and waiting!

Jeffrey Willius said...

That's the spirit, Grace! Not knowing where you live, I can't promise you're in one of the great flyways for geese, but if you are, you'll know what to do when you hear that telling chatter. :-)

Anonymous said...

Take a look at the shot of the moon I took yesterday.Nothing as fantastic as yours, but I was quite amazed as to how clear it came out. It's posting 35 on my blog

Jeffrey Willius said...

Hey Anonymous -- Are you going incognito now? I checked out your moon shot -- beautiful! By the way, I can't take credit for my earth-lit geese shotc(except for my manipulation of a public domain stock shot).
It's so great to see you and "Azerbaijan" showing up on my visitor stats! Thanks for your support!

Lalitha Alexander said...

Hey Jeffrey,
I found you from your comment on Abi's blog - Inside the Travel Lab.
I like this picture :) I've also read that this V formation is very aerodynamically efficient. And if one goose is injured, 2 geese fly down, nurse it back to health and then they all fly home :)
Its such a joy to find like minded people from all over the world in search of those simpler things in life :)
Will stay connected to you :)

Lalitha Alexander said...

Oh,by the way, I forgot to mention, that I've written a piece on 'Living Each Moment' on my blog. That's why I was instantly attracted to your 'How to be in the moment' :)
When you get the time, please do have a look and let me know what you think.

Jeffrey Willius said...

Wow, Lalitha -- THREE comments! I'm so glad you discovered my site and that you're finding things that touch you. I checked out your "Living Each Moment" post -- very well done! I've subscribed via RSS feed, and look forward to staying in touch. Would love to have you follow and/or share One Man's Wonder too.

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