Friday, August 12, 2011

HOW TO BE IN THE MOMENT – 101 Little Tips

TIP #70  
Stick your arm in a compost pile.

Hey, nobody said finding wonder would be easy; sometimes it's a 
dirty job. 

Biodegradation, the work of billions of microorganisms, 
is one of Nature's most clandestine of miracles. You can't see it, hear it or even smell it happening. But you can sure feel it.

Find a healthy, working compost heap (the effect is much more impressive when experienced in contrast to  winter's cold). 

Carefully work your hand into it—all the way to its core. You'll know the most dramatic by-product of the process when you feel it!


sue in mexico mo said...

That compost is really cooking! I agree, it is one of natures wonders.

Jeffrey Willius said...

Hey Sue -- I'm afraid I shamed you into commenting after my last response! ;-)
Yeah, can you remember the first time your ever stuck your hand in? What made you do it?

sue in mexico mo said...

Yes, you shamed me! LOL - How dare I read and enjoy without a comment.

I have never stuck my hand into my compost pile but I remember, growing up on a farm in mid Missouri, how the steam would rise out of the silage my dad fed the cattle. I have a sister and the best feeling on a cold dark Missouri morning was to wake up and remember that it was your sisters turn to get up and help feed the cattle.

Jeffrey Willius said...

What a great memory, Sue -- one that calls on most, if not all, of the senses!
I appreciate you and our on-line friendship!

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