Thursday, July 21, 2011

HOW TO BE IN THE MOMENT – 101 Little Tips

TIP #22 
When you're beset by problems or limitations, refocus on possibilities.

In every human condition lie the seeds of its opposite. In the Whole Scheme of Things, pain does not exist without the hope of relief. The same with sadness, discord and want.
Nurture those seeds; sprout and grow with them despite the poor soil.


Anonymous said...

That's what gets me out of the sand trap- The hope of possibility-

Jeffrey Willius said...

Funny, hope never seems enough to get me out of the sand! Or woods, or... Thanks for the comment and for visiting OMW!

Cheap Essay said...

Great post and some really useful tips there. I love resource lists like this. Have social bookmarked it in the hope that others can also benefit.

Jeffrey Willius said...

Dear CheapEssay -- Thanks for the comment. I appreciate the soc. boomark. Stay tuned; I'll keep my tips coming, along with my little essays.

Olivia said...

So true. So well-said.
And would be truly appreciate happiness if we hadn't known a little sorrow? Would we know satisfaction if we hadn't experienced yearning? Hard to say, but I tend to think not!

Jeffrey Willius said...

Thanks Olivia! I pray every day that I won't take for granted the blessings I enjoy for which I've never known a lack -- like peace, freedom, love and others. But can I REALLY know what blessings they are without their loss? Probably not. So is life.

Meg said...


So true! I felt such an "aha" when I heard about the concept of Divine Discontent...the idea that the yearning was instilled in me so I may seek to fulfill it...the Yin and the Yang, right? Thanks for the reminder, I could benefi from one every day! : )

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