Thursday, May 12, 2011


Say goodbye or hello to a cloud.
Surely you've met all the characters living in the clouds—the faces and forms that inhabit this age-old community of imagination. You know they morph and merge all the time, but did you know they also come and go, magically appearing out of—and disappearing into—thin air?

Some scattered-cumulus day pick a smaller, wispy cloud or a patch of clear blue. Then watch and wait. 


Robin Easton said...

Ohhhh, Jeffrey, this is soooooooo beautiful. We are working on a documentary and one of the things we touch on that can help people connect with nature, is cloud watching. It is relaxing and connects us with Nature or our "Greater Self". It is such a beautifully mindless and rewarding past time, one that if fully engaged in can transport us to a state of peace and well being.

Isn't it amazing how children will naturally do this? We did as kids. And we saw and experienced all kinds of wonders in the clouds. We would even lay on the rich green lawn in Maine (where I grew up) and simply watch HUGE vertical Cumulus clouds billow outward like a giant stacking puffy cotton balls, right before our eyes, especially if a storm was coming. We also would watch clouds disappear, becoming wispier and wispier, changing shape as they slowly vanished.

I am so proud of you for focusing on things that are so often over looked, and yet in many ways we cannot live without. They are directly tied to our sense of peace and well being. Bless you!! Robin

Jeffrey Willius said...

Dear Robin -- I know what you mean about watching thunderheads billow. My wife and I love watching them from our deck, which faces west -- so we see the clouds gloriously backlit.
Where can I get more info. about your documentary -- on your site?

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