Monday, April 11, 2011

RECLAIM WONDER! – Take the Pledge!

In this increasingly sped-up, dumbed-down, 140-character world, are you starting to hear, as I am, that little voice of unease from somewhere deep in your soul?

Doesn't some part of you just want to say no to all that virtual "reality," all the quick, shallow relationships this digitized culture expects us to buy into? Don't you yearn to recapture that sense of wonder we all had, naturally, when we were kids?

Use the ideas as goals, resolutions, or just occasional affirmations of your intention to live      a more attentive, curious and grateful life.

That's what my Reclaiming Wonder Movement is all about. It's recognizing that yearning, and beginning to make our own choices as to the kind of depth and substance we want in our relationships with ourselves, each other and Nature.

The movement can start philosophically and lead to lifestyle changes, but it's inevitably a spiritual journey. Lots of people want to take part in this journey, but don't quite know where to start. That's why I've crafted the Reclaiming Wonder Pledge. (see text from the piece below this post)

Think of it as a list of first steps and/or mileposts to guide you on your quest for more mindfulness. You can use the ideas as goals, resolutions, or just occasional affirmations of your intention to live a more attentive, curious and grateful life.  
You • can • do • this!!

Use the peach-colored order form to the right. >
Print it out, frame it, or make it the background of your computer desktop. Give a framed copy to someone you know who's also yearning to reclaim wonder in his/her life.
Thanks for taking the Reclaiming Wonder Pledge! Have a wonder-full day!

•  I believe I'm surrounded by wonders great and small, all the time, wherever I am.
•  I understand that many of those wonders lie hidden to first glances.
•  I will open my spirit to those wonders; my eyes, my ears, my heart will follow.
•  I will make time for awareness, curiosity and wonder.
•  I will turn off the television, put down the book and start looking, learning and living first-hand.
•  I will decide for myself what entertains me and, more importantly, what nourishes my soul.
•  I will carefully examine the myth of certainty, and value learning more than knowing.
•  I will notice and celebrate the power of presence.   
•  I will be more aware of the miracle of grace that resides around and within every person.
•  I will rise above bias and fear, and find the good in every person, every thing, every situation.
•  I will shine the light of my own spirit, and will give others the chance to shine too.
•  I will try to experience everything as if it were for the first time.
•  I will approach each day with faith in Nature's instruction, and gratitude for being Her pupil.
•  I will be patient with both Nature and myself, celebrating small steps toward understanding.


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