Thursday, December 30, 2010

RECLAIMING WONDER - A New Years Resolution

I believe I'm surrounded by wonders great and small, all the time, wherever I am.

I understand that many of those miracles lie hidden to first glances.

I will open my spirit to wonder. My eyes, my ears, my heart will follow.

I will make time for awareness, curiosity and wonder.

I will turn off the television, put down the book and start looking, learning and living first-hand.

I will decide for myself what entertains me and, more importantly, what nourishes my soul.

I will notice and celebrate the power of presence.   

I will carefully examine the myth of certainty, and value learning more than knowing.

I will be more aware of the miracle of grace that resides around and within every person.

I will shine the light of my own spirit, and will give other people the chance to shine too.

I will try to experience everything as if it were for the first time.

I will approach each day with faith in Nature's instruction, and with gratitude for being Her lifelong pupil.

I will be patient, not just with Nature, but with myself, celebrating small steps in the right direction.


Anonymous said...

I, too, believe I’m surrounded by wonders great and small, all the time, wherever I am

I will look to my friends for inspiration, just as often as I look inward

I will pay homage to emerging poets with a blog as much as I do to famous poets

I will celebrate the steps my peers take to share their ideas as I too test my voice

Jeff, this morning in Baku, the sun is hidden behind the clouds, but your poem is a bright shining light that will get me off the sofa out into the day

Jennifer H.

Jeffrey Willius said...

Jennifer -- So nice to hear from you again, my good old friend. Thanks for your uplifting words!
(Wonder why your visit isn't showing as being from Azerbaijan on my page view tracker.)

Jeffrey Willius said...

Jennifer -- Oops, never mind, I now see 6 visits from Az! Pretty exotic for this MN boy!

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