Wednesday, October 27, 2010

CYBER-WONDER – Digging for Virtual Treasure

Have you ever dug in the ground for anything? Maybe you were just a kid playing pirate, reclaiming your buried treasure. You might have delved for shards of history where pioneers once settled. Or perhaps you were following the urgent cues of a metal detector. Well, if so, you know the wonder of discovery.

Since I posted my first reflection on One Man's Wonder just over three weeks ago, that's what it's felt like for me as I've watched the world—yes, the world—begin to take notice. Both the writing (which, by design, is about curiosity and discovery) and the process of posting and promoting the blog, have felt very much like digging for something valuable—not knowing at all what I might find—and then coming upon one little surprise after another.

Of course we're nowhere near the kind of numbers the top bloggers get, but in just these few weeks:
  • We're closing in on our first 1,000 page views
  • We've gotten a number of contributions from visitors, both comments and a nice guest author post
  • We've reached readers from 15 countries on four continents
That last one just floors me. It's like I'm digging my little hole, with my own little hands, and suddenly realize I'm breaking through to King Tut's tomb!

Getting people to visit OMW is one thing; getting them to subscribe and to participate is another. I'll do my very best to make sure the content warrants that kind of following. Thank you for your interest and support!


murcielago said...

Based on what I have seen so far, your content -- not because it is pretentious enlightenment-speak or New Age dreaming, but because it is all so unassuming, sincere and heartfelt.

Jeffrey Willius said...

Hey Murcielago. Welcome back! I hope I can live up to that! Thanks for the encouragement.

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