Thursday, February 23, 2012

COUPLE O' BUGS – Zihuatanejo Snaps

I found this ornate creature climbing a young palm's trunk this morning. Bristles on bristles and elegant white spats to boot. My instinct was not to touch him even if I wanted to -- would you?
Turns out he is indeed highly poisonous when touched, according to my friends here who know more about local critters than I.

I thought this was a walking stick...until he flew! He resented the intrusion, turning, staring and springing right at my lens. Anyone besides him know what he is?
If you said a praying mantis, you're right -- one of some 2,200 species of mantodea found worldwide in temperate and tropical climes.


Charley said...

Jeff, how funny. I dropped by after you left a comment on my blog and your latest post featured stick insects! In the space of a week we have come across two stick insect species in our garden; a Goliath Stick Insect and an Australian Stick INsect or "Phasmid

Both very cool to show to young kids. My four year old daughter delighted in holding them in her palm :)

Jeffrey Willius said...

Hi Charley -- Yes, that's funny. These critters always impress me, but the mantis just seems a bit more mysterious and sinister -- though the Goliath sounds like it must be pretty formidible!
Thanks for the comment and happy blogging!!

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